Sustain Me is a blog focused on helping others establish a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and Greener lifestyle.

Reoccurring topics will include:

Square 1 – Guides to going green, easy lifestyle changing, and tips you can incorporate into your daily routine as well as sorting through all the mumbo-jumbo the media is talking about lately.
Boho beauty – Looking for a new little black dress made of hemp? Vegan lipstick? How about a chemical free moisturizer? Stay tuned for fashion and beauty tips that won’t hurt the planet or your wallet.

Green gadgets and gizmos – Solar panel backpacks, Eco-friendly lawn mowers, toothbrushes made from recycled yogurt cups… more and more we’re able to find cool, fashionable, and handy green gadgets to take care of all our needs. Stay tuned for some of my favorites.

Green kitchen – Yesterday my future mother in law offered me an escape from the kitchen. She politely said “I can take care of this.” and added with a motherly smile “Why don’t you go lounge by the pool.” Immediately I thought she was crazy for not knowing me better, I laughed and said “Nah I’d rather be cooking…” as I wisked together a homemade terriyaki marinade.

I love cooking. I especially love cooking with local and seasonal foods. I’ll post up recipes and pictures when I find inspiration for new dishes you might enjoy.

In addition to these reoccurring staples I’ll toss in interesting information related to living green: gardening, permaculture, natural health, etc.

About – Sustain Me is written by Lilea a twenty-something nutritionist residing in Sonoma, California. Lilea owns her own nutrition consulting business named Nutriful. She lives in a cozy apartment with her klutzy fiance Jon and rambunctious kitten Shimi.

If you have any questions, comments, or just feel like saying hello drop me an email: