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It could be with these easy tips for acquiring eco-friendly school supplies this year:

1. Dress for less

Shop for back to school duds at local thrift stores, save money and the environment through recycling. Also try shopping at fair trade stores or websites and buy sweatshop free products.
2. Bright Ideas

Pick up a Solar powered calculator to add up the money you save by going green

3. Green lunch ideas

Don’t store those local, organic veggies in a disposable snack bag! Check out these reusable lunch containers, utensils, and bags from

Parents get more information on reducing the waste in your child’s lunch here.

4. In the fine print
Print Projects on Processed Clorine Free (PCF) paper with high post consumer recycled content!

As recycled paper is becoming more mainstream you can find it at most office supply stores. Office Max and Staples both have recycled paper areas of their store with everything from card stock to colored papers to average multi-purpose printer paper.

To learn more about eco papers read the ecological guide to paper from

5. Are you an ecowriter?

Greenline paper company offer 90% PCW pencils and Green Earth Office supply provides refillable pens made of recycled tires.

6. Keeping it together

You can find recycled binders at Treecycle and the Office Depot offers a line of Oxford products that use recycled materials in their report and presentation covers.

7. Back Support

Support your environment by carrying your course load in packs made of hemp or recycled rubber. Want something a little different? Try a solar back pack or a bag made from recycled feed bags!

If these options are out of your budget try salvaging last year’s pack. Sometimes a thread and needle or a new zipper is all you need. Try a local luggage repair shop for replacing broken or damaged zippers.

8. Repeat: Epeat

If you’re in the market for a new computer look at the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (Epeat) for help. The system has rated has rated desktops, monitors, integrated systems, and notebooks to help you find green electronics more easily.