I wrote the following in my personal journal… I’m at home today after having my wisdom teeth taken out. I’m a little hungry, a little swollen, and enjoying the soothing effects of vicodin despite my position on most medications. This entry will not provide you with helpful links or recipes, but I hope it will provide you with something to get you thinking and more information on who I am as a person, beyond being a blogger with an alias. I hope to hear some feedback from you readers I would love to hear your thoughts.

me: hi honey
Jon: hey you!
bah you beat me
how you doing?
me: 🙂
emotional as hell
i finished watching sicko
and was crying for the last 20 minutes or so
4:18 PM Jon: wow, i heard it was pretty powerful
me: the revelations of injustices are generally powerful
4:19 PM Jon: like i told you, the head of one of the nations biggest health care providers sent that memo that got leaked whree the first sentence was something like “The only way anyone watching this movie isn’t going to get emotionally affected is if they don’t have a pulse” and thats from the effective enemy of the movie
me: yeah
its interesting because the whole cuba 9-11 fire fighters thing wasn’t until the end of the movie
4:20 PM it was mostly about health care options in other countries
mainly Canada, the UK and France
it made me want to move to france
Jon: hehe
or canada!
me: i dont think canada has government paid nannies
4:21 PM or mandatory 5+ weeks of vacation for part time employees
its like all the major western countries are moving towards the lifestyle i am aiming for
Jon: yeah most of europe has crazy vacation
me: and we’re living in their dust
4:22 PM Jon: like dad was saying about the grand canyon etc
me: yeah
i just dont see how this is possible when we are supposedly the greatest nation on earth
Jon: yeah i know
4:23 PM me: we have a lot of smart people in this country, i truly believe that
i just dont know where the fuck theyre all hiding right now

As I wrapped up my conversation with Jon the Beatles “Revolution” popped into my head. Through my swollen cheeks and lips I managed to hum the beat and mouth a couple words. I thought about the history I’ve fallen in love with tales of love fests in golden gate park, hippies putting flowers into the barrels of police guns during protests, Rosa Parks not moving, MLK’s sit ins… that was here. That was America.

That… was America. Now we live in a society in fear of and controlled by the government. We perform our duties with out question. We clock in 9-5 M-F and live in sprawls of tract houses, shop in Walmarts and- as far as I’ve seen- don’t think much about the possibilities of something different.

This post isn’t about the movie Sicko nor is it about health care for all! or a free college education. Its about what we Americans deem as important and what we are willing to do to make sure our government also sees that it is important.

Maybe its the vicodin talking, but I want to be apart of a revolution. I want to bust out shop windows with bricks and turn over cars. I want my government to fear this five foot two, one hundred and ten pound body. I want them to listen to me.

And yes for ages I have talked about wanting to move outside of the US… first to New Zealand and then Canada and then Amsterdam and South America and Spain and France… but I’d be running away from the problem.

By escaping the problems this country faces by changing addresses sure I might end up with free health care, my future children might have free college educations, I might spend 5 weeks out of each year on “holiday”I might be happier.

But where would that leave you? Or the rest of my family? The rest of my community? The rest of my country? You would still be facing these problems head on. Some living in fear everyday that Gosh I hope I don’t get sick because… I can’t afford it.

I understand that packing my bags and running away is not the answer. But how much change can I make alone?

What if for one day a spark ignited in everyone’s mind and they turned off their television and thought for a moment about their day, their life, their career, their country. What if for one day they stopped being afraid of the inconveniences our government can put on them… and they spoke.

What would we say?

We are the United States of America, the united states… if we stood bound together by the rage, disappointment, and passion ignited within us at the realization of all the injustices going on in this land of fruited plains. Would the America we live in still be so beautiful? Or would the community we are finally choosing to stand up and be apart of be more beautiful than any amber wave of grains or spacious sky could ever be?

And if we stood together who could deny our demands? Who could continue to give a united people injustice and ill treatment? Who then could not be afraid of US?

In my lifetime I hope I am able to witness change. And I hope to be at the front lines of rallies, marches, and other protests. I hope my soft spoken voice can rise above others and truly fight to be heard, and I most certainly hope that those in charge learn to fear me– not out of violent acts mind you, but out of the realization of all the potential we have.

With a perspective,
Lilea Duran
Sonoma, CA