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You may not know it, but your humble blogger is currently engaged and actively planning a wedding!

My partner and I started planning several months ago. We came up with a list of all the people we wanted to invite, sampled caterers, found a location, looked at dresses and rings and realized not only could we not afford to pay for all this stuff and invite everyone we wanted, but the plans we were making did not follow our core values. They did not promote sustainability and we were compromising our tastes to be traditional.

So we came to a cross road, either forget tradition and start over or start cutting back the invite list until it was affordable.

We like our friends and family so we chose them over tradition.

Our wedding is still in the planning stages, but already I feel I have tid bits of experience to share with others entering a similar situation:

First and Foremost this is your day

My mother in law stopped my partner and I early on in our engagement when we decided to have a secular wedding and told us in the nicest possible way that the day was not about us and we would be upsetting many of our family members by not having a traditional Christian wedding. We have had many odd looks when making decisions about our wedding everything from not wanting to have bridesmaids or groomsmen to others discovering that I asked Him to marry me.

This was incredibly discouraging at first, but I remembered a conversation with a lady at a jewelry store when we were shopping for rings. She said “Remember this is your day. Ultimately you do not need caterers or a band, you don’t need to invite hundreds of people, you don’t need to buy a fancy dress. You just need each other, the rings, someone to marry you… and a photographer is always nice.”

Taking a deep breath after you dive into planning a wedding is important. Remember this event is about you and your partner. Be comfortable, be yourselves, and have a good time.

Here comes the bride

Ok, now that we have the understanding that the event is about the couple… lets remember that all eyes will be on the bride! I’m not saying its right or that I agree with it, but its bound to happen so ladies show off some sustainable style!


When contemplating your wedding dress there are 3 environmentally friendly options.

1. You can buy a dress made from sustainable materials such as hemp silk.

Check out these options:

2. You can recycle

Vintage gowns can be a great blast from the past. Reusing a family heirloom can cut costs tremendously (just pay for tailoring!)

Try these:

You can also look for vintage dresses in consignment, resale, thrift and antique shops. Or try ebay!

3. Get out the thread and needle

Working with a tailor to custom make your wedding dress will allow you to express yourself creatively and get the exact results you want. If you are looking into custom making your dress you should also look into sustainable fabrics like those found here:


I am combining option #2 and #3 and customizing a vintage dress!

I hope these dress tips help in planning your own green wedding. Stay tuned for more wedding tips!

Looking for advice on turning a particular situation green? Leave a comment or send me an email!